Hunting Techniques

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Hunting an animal can be an exhilarating experience. Animals are normally a challenge to hunt and some animals, like deer, etc., prove to be a challenge for any type of hunter. Animals are very good at using their senses of sight, smell and hearing. In this article, we will see basic hunting techniques to hunt a deer and turkey.

Deer Hunting Tips and Techniques

Although hunting a deer can be a difficult task, but with proper hunting techniques, you will be successful in your goal of hunting a deer. When you are going to go deer hunting the most basic thing which you will have to remember is that the deer are going to know that there is an enemy around, either using your scent in the air or through your ground walk. Then the deer will go in the opposite direction and you may lose a good chance of a hunt. Hence, to avoid scarring the deer, you will have to camouflage the human scent properly. Some people make use of sprays and scent wipes, as they feel the deer will not be able to figure it out. However, it is easier than done. Using the same scent of spray over and over again, will give the deer an idea that something is amiss in the particular area.

Deer are known for their hearing skills, hence it is better not to let the deer use it to their advantage. You will have to be as quiet as you can, when you are walking to and from your stand. However, you can make use of the hearing skills of a deer to your advantage, when you are using antler rattling or deer calls. Because they can hear well, they will come closer to you and fall into your trap, even if you are as far as a mile away from them. You may want to read on best rifle for deer hunting.

You will also need to choose your hunting gear well. Since the deer can also see well, you will have to ensure you use camouflage clothing to hide yourself well into the surroundings, so that the deer is not able to spot you. Remember, deer are very cautious animals and they can be scared away very easily. In case they see any sudden movement or sense any sudden movement, they will take off without any warning. Clothes will help you to hide as much as possible from the deer, hence you can also make use of Khaki clothes, which will very easily get absorbed into the surroundings.

Turkey Hunting Tips and Tricks

In many regions in the United States of America, both spring and fall are turkey hunting seasons. It is important to note that turkey behavior changes significantly between spring and fall seasons. The day to day habits of the turkey are based on weather, food sources, seasonal human presence, and reproductive cycle. It is easier to hunt turkey in spring as they are preoccupied with mating. Click to read on wild turkey bow hunting.

The first of the many turkey hunting tips is that regardless of the season, you will have to practice calling turkey. For a turkey hunter this is a crucial skill. There are also calling devices which you can make use of if you find it difficult to practice the calls. Talking to experienced hunters will give you an exact idea about the right calls to be used to hunt a turkey.

One of the hunting techniques is to learn the use of turkey hunting equipment that you are going to use to hunt the turkey. It can be archery techniques or using hunting guns. When you are aiming at the turkey, it is better to aim for the center of the chest, where the wings joins the body. The advantage as a hunter you have over the turkeys is that they lack a sense of smell. So you will not have to be really be bothered about the smell aspect, as is the case with deer hunting. The different techniques you can use for hunting a turkey are spot and stalk, still hunting, tree stand or blind hunting, calling or baiting. Depending on the state in which you are hunting, you will have to use hunting techniques, as some of hunting techniques are forbidden in a few states.

Along with these hunting techniques, you will have to study the laws which govern hunting. Some animal species are on the list of endangered and protected species, hence you will have to be extra careful to avoid any further danger. If you have to ask me my view on hunting, I will say just as we would not like to be hunted down, animals are also living beings. Hence, it is better to have them alive, so that we conserve nature, which is fast depleting.