Is 308 Good for Hog Hunting? Experts Share Their Advice


Hog hunting has become a popular activity among hunters in recent years. However, the choice of weapon can be crucial to a successful hunt. One question that often arises is whether .308 rifles are good for hog hunting.

The Power of .308 Rifles

The .308 caliber rifle is known for its power and versatility. It is commonly used for big game hunting due to its ability to deliver large amounts of energy upon impact, making it suitable for taking down larger animals such as hogs. With proper shot placement, a well-placed shot from the .308 rifle can effectively take down even the toughest hogs.

The Importance of Shot Placement

While having a powerful rifle like the .308 is essential when hog hunting, shot placement plays an equally important role in determining success or failure. Hogs have tough skin and dense muscle mass around their vitals that requires accurate aiming and precision shooting from hunters.

Choosing Proper Ammunition

When using .308 rifles for hog hunting, selecting appropriate ammunition is vital to ensure success while minimizing any suffering by the animal. Soft-point bullets with expansion capabilities offer more damage upon impact while reducing over-penetration risks compared to full-metal jacketed rounds.


In conclusion,  the answer depends on your preferences but there’s no doubt about it- if you use them properly then yes! The performance capabilities of modern-day .308 rifles make them ideal weapons for taking down hogs during hunts with accuracy and precision required by hunters who want excellent results every time they go out into nature’s fields or woods looking for wild boars!