The Definitive Guide to Hog Hunting with 7.62 x39 Ammo

What is 7.62 x39?

Before we dive into the topic of hog hunting, let’s start by explaining what 7.62 x39 actually is. It is a cartridge that was developed in the Soviet Union during World War II for use in their AK-47 assault rifle. It has also been used in various other firearms over the years and has gained popularity amongst hunters due to its versatility.

Hog Hunting with 7.62 x39

When it comes to hog hunting, there are many factors to consider such as bullet size and weight, accuracy, and stopping power. While some hunters prefer larger calibers such as .308 or .30-06 for taking down hogs, others have found success using 7.62 x39 cartridges.

The key to successful hog hunting with this caliber lies in shot placement and choosing the right bullet type. Hollow point or soft-point bullets are recommended as they expand upon impact creating a larger wound channel which can lead to quicker kills.

The Advantages of Using 7.62 x39 for Hog Hunting

One advantage of using this particular caliber for hog hunting is cost-effectiveness compared to other popular calibers on the market today like .223 Remington or .308 Winchester.

Another advantage is that rifles chambered in 7.62×39 can be easier to handle than larger caliber rifles which may have more recoil making them harder for some shooters especially beginners.

Finally, one notable characteristic of this cartridge is its ability to penetrate through brush easily, making it ideal when targeting hogs hiding behind foliage or thickets.

To conclude while there might be better options out there when it comes specifically targeting big game animals like boars; Using 7.6X29 ammo coupled with proper aiming could definitely get you your desired results while being economical at the same time!