How the Full Moon Affects Deer Hunting: Tips for Success on a Bright Night


As deer hunting enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for ways to increase our chances of success. One question that often comes up is if a full moon is good for deer hunting. In this blog post, we will explore whether or not there is any truth to this popular belief.

The Theory Behind Full Moons and Deer Behavior

The idea behind full moons being good for deer hunting revolves around how it affects their behavior. It’s believed that during a full moon, there is more light available at night which causes deer to be more active and feed longer into the night. Additionally, it’s thought that because they are out later than usual, they may be more susceptible to hunters who are still out in the field.

The Reality of Full Moons and Deer Hunting

While the theory behind full moons affecting deer behavior sounds plausible, studies have shown otherwise. A study conducted by Mississippi State University found no significant difference in daytime activity levels between days with a full moon versus days without one. Another study by Texas Parks and Wildlife found that while some bucks were active during daylight hours on nights with a full moon, most were still primarily nocturnal.

Other Factors That May Impact Deer Movement

While a full moon may not have as much impact on deer movement as previously thought, other factors can play an important role in their behavior. Weather patterns like rain or snow can cause them to move earlier or later in search of food or shelter. Time of year also plays a role – during mating season (rut), bucks are likely to be more active regardless of lighting conditions.


In summary, while many hunters believe that a full moon can help increase their chances of success when hunting deer, research has shown little evidence to support this claim. While it’s always worth keeping an eye on any potential factors that may impact deer movement, a full moon is likely not one of them. So next time you head out into the field, don’t worry too much about the phase of the moon – focus on other factors like weather and time of year instead.