Turkey Hunting in the Rain: Is It a Good Idea?


Turkey hunting is an exciting and challenging activity, but it can be affected by different factors such as weather conditions. One common question among hunters is whether it’s good to go turkey hunting in the rain or not. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of turkey hunting in the rain.

The Pros of Hunting Turkeys In The Rain

One advantage of turkey hunting in the rain is that it can make turkeys more active and easier to locate since they tend to move around more during rainy weather. Additionally, because of reduced visibility, you may have a better chance at sneaking up on them without being detected. Also, if there has been a dry spell before the rain comes down, worms come out from underground which means more food for turkeys.

The Cons of Hunting Turkeys In The Rain

The biggest disadvantage when it comes to turkey hunting in the rain is that your equipment might get damaged due to exposure to water. Other negative effects include difficulty hearing calls and decreased visibility due to fog or heavy rainfall which makes spotting turkeys harder than usual.

Tips for Turkey Hunting In The Rain

If you decide to go turkey hunting despite poor weather conditions, here are some tips:

1) Dress appropriately with waterproof clothing
2) Use decoys since turkeys might struggle with visual perception
3) Use special calls designed specifically for harsher weather conditions
4) Look under trees where they could be taking cover from heavy wind or pouring rainfall

In conclusion, while there are certainly challenges when it comes to going turkey hunting in the rain compared with clear skies; there are also advantages that should not be overlooked! With proper gear and techniques like those mentioned above – you too can hunt successfully even on rainy days. As always though use caution when handling firearms while wet!