Turkey Hunting in the Rain: Is it Good or Bad?


When it comes to turkey hunting, there are a lot of questions that hunters ask themselves. One question that arises is whether or not it’s good to hunt turkeys in the rain. While many people believe that rainy weather can make hunting more difficult, others swear by it as the perfect time to bag a bird.

The Pros and Cons of Hunting Turkeys in the Rain

There are both advantages and disadvantages to hunting turkeys in wet weather. The biggest advantage is that when it rains, turkeys tend to be more active because they’re looking for food and water. As such, your chances of spotting them increase significantly. On the other hand, wet conditions can also make stalking more challenging due to poor visibility or noise from falling raindrops.

Tips for Turkey Hunting in the Rain

If you decide you want to try turkey hunting on a rainy day, there are several things you should keep in mind. First off, this isn’t an activity for fair-weather hunters; you’ll need proper gear like waterproof clothing and boots so you can stay comfortable despite harsh elements. Additionally, consider using calls with higher pitch tones since sound travels better through air saturated with moisture than dry air.

The Bottom Line: Should You Hunt Turkeys in the Rain?

Ultimately whether or not going out into inclement weather will pay off depends on your skill level and comfort zone when dealing with adverse environmental conditions while hunting game animals like these birds – but one thing’s certain: if done correctly (and safely), pursuing wild turkeys during rainfall could prove fruitful! Plan ahead accordingly before heading out so all bases get covered from shelter provisions down filling up gas tanks full enough not run low being miles away from civilization without backup help nearby just-in-case something happens along way back home after an epic adventure – happy trails!