Is Hunting Season in NY Here? Essential Tips for Hunters to Know


Hunting has been a popular recreational activity for many people around the world. However, hunting regulations vary in different states and regions across the United States of America. New York is one of those states that have regulations on when to hunt or not.

When is Hunting Season in NY?

In New York, hunting season varies depending on what type of game you want to hunt. Generally, big-game seasons start from September to November while small-game seasons last throughout the year. Deer season typically begins during bow-hunting season, which starts early October and lasts until late December with specific dates varying year-to-year.

Types of Game You Can Hunt in NY

New York offers a great diversity of wildlife that can be hunted legally if you hold required permits and licenses; some animals include white-tailed deer, turkey, black bear as well as small game such as squirrels and rabbits which are open throughout multiple months during the year for various species.

Hunter Education Requirements

Before any individual can participate in a hunting trip within New York State limits or territories outside state lines owned by it (e.g., Canada), they must complete an approved hunter education course no matter their age unless born before 1974. The course covers topics like firearm safety practices and basic survival techniques so hunters can properly enjoy themselves without endangering anyone else’s life or putting themselves at risk inadvertently.

The Importance of Hunting Regulations

Hunting regulations exist for several reasons: controlling populations’ growths, ensuring public safety while also promoting sustainable management practices meant to preserve wildlife resources long-term sustainably – all important to maintain healthy ecosystems! Hunters should always review these laws before planning their trips out into nature so they don’t accidentally violate them because penalties could range from fines up through license suspension depending upon severity factors determined by jurisdiction authorities.


Hunting season in New York has specific rules and regulations that must be followed to avoid violations, but the experience of hunting is incredible for those who follow them. Whether you’re looking to bag a deer or track down some small game, the Empire State has something for everyone – as long as they complete their hunter education courses first!