Rabbit Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Before Going Out


Do you enjoy the thrill of hunting rabbits? Hunting these furry creatures is a popular pastime, but before planning your next trip to hunt them down, it’s important to understand whether there is a specific season for rabbit hunting.

The Hunting Season for Rabbits

In most states in the United States, there is no specific season for rabbit hunting. This means that you can hunt rabbits all year round, provided you have legal permission and abide by local laws and regulations. However, some states like Colorado and Wyoming have closed seasons when it comes to trapping or snaring rabbits. It’s best to check with your state’s Fish and Wildlife department beforehand.

Rabbit Habits Throughout The Year

While you can technically hunt rabbits at any time of the year in many states across the country, it may be more fruitful during certain times than others. During springtime (March-April), when vegetation starts growing again after winter, it makes finding food easier for them thus increasing their population growth rate. Meanwhile during summer months(June-August) they tend to hide from hunters under dense brush or tall grasses making them hard targets.

The best time of year would be fall (September-November) since this period coincides with breeding season meaning an increase in rabbit activity as well as abundant habitats because crops haven’t been harvested yet.


Hunting rabbits is an exciting sport that needs proper planning if you want a successful experience. While many states allow year-round rabbit hunting , checking with your local state wildlife department about possible restrictions on trapping/snaring should be adhered to . Understanding how these animals behave throughout different seasons will give hunters better chances of succeeding while out in nature chasing these cottontails!