Squirrel Hunting Season: When to Go and Where to Find the Best Squirrels


Squirrels are cute and fluffy creatures that many find entertaining to watch, but some people hunt them for sport or as a source of food. If you’re wondering if there’s a squirrel hunting season, this post will answer that question.

Squirrel Hunting Season in the United States

In the United States, squirrel hunting seasons vary by state. The majority of states have established dates for their hunting seasons depending on factors like population size and conservation efforts. Some states even have separate seasons for different types of squirrels such as fox squirrels or gray squirrels.

Laws and Regulations

It’s essential to know your state’s laws and regulations regarding squirrel hunting before heading out into the wilderness. In most cases, hunters must obtain a valid license from their respective state wildlife agency to participate in any form of small game hunting, including squirrel hunting. Additionally, laws may differ based on what type of firearm or bow is used during the hunt.

The Ethics of Squirrel Hunting

While it is legal to hunt squirrels in many areas throughout the country; it is crucial that hunters practice ethical behavior while doing so. Following guidelines set forth by wildlife agencies can help ensure not only successful hunts but also protection and preservation of animal populations for future generations.


So, is there a squirrel hunting season? Yes! However,it varies depending on where you live within the United States. Before heading out into nature with your rifle or bow make sure you understand all local laws/regulations surrounding small game – specifically those surrounding squirrel-hunting.