Must-Have Turkey Hunting Gear: Essential Items for a Successful Hunt


Are you planning to go turkey hunting? Do you know what gear is essential for a successful hunt? Turkey hunting requires specific equipment that can make or break your trip. In this blog post, we will discuss the must-have turkey hunting gear that every hunter should have in their arsenal.

Turkey Decoys

Using turkey decoys can increase your chances of success while also making your hunt more exciting. They help lure turkeys into range by mimicking the behavior of other turkeys. A good quality decoy should be realistic and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Calls & Locator Devices

Turkey calls are another important piece of equipment for any serious hunter. Calls allow hunters to mimic different sounds made by turkeys, such as clucks and yelps, which help attract them towards you. There are many types of calls available on the market today, from mouth diaphragms to box calls and gobble shakers.

Locator devices such as crow or owl hooters can also aid hunters in locating gobblers before they start calling themselves.

Camouflage Clothing & Accessories

Wearing appropriate camouflage clothing is vital when it comes to blending into your surroundings during a turkey hunt. You want clothing with patterns that imitate local foliage – greens and browns work well for most areas where wild turkeys roam.

Other accessories like face masks or gloves may also come in handy when trying not to spook wary birds!

Shotguns and Ammunition

A great shotgun paired with high-quality ammunition rounds could mean the difference between bagging a bird or going home empty-handed! Many hunters prefer 12-gauge shotguns because they offer adequate power without being too heavy – but ensure that whatever firearm you choose meets state regulations first before purchasing one!


In conclusion, these are the essential turkey hunting gear that every hunter should invest in. From decoys and calls to camouflage clothing and shotguns, each piece of equipment plays a vital role in ensuring a successful hunt. So, if you’re planning your next turkey hunt, don’t forget to pack these essentials!