Exploring New Hampshire’s Bear Hunting Scene: Strategies and Tips


New Hampshire is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. From skiing to hiking, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you busy. One popular activity in the state is bear hunting, which has been a topic of debate for years.

The Controversy

While some people enjoy the thrill of hunting bears and see it as a way to control their population, others oppose it. They argue that hunting bears can have negative consequences on the ecosystem and that it’s an unnecessary cruelty towards animals. It also raises concerns about safety for both humans and other wildlife in areas where bear hunting takes place.


The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department regulates bear hunting in the state. Hunters must first obtain a license before they can go out into the field. The season runs from September through November with specific dates varying by region, but hunters may only take one bear per calendar year.

Hunting Methods

There are several ways to hunt bears in New Hampshire including baiting, hounding, still-hunting or stalking them with firearms or bow and arrow. Each method requires different skills and equipment so new hunters should spend time researching each technique before heading out into the woods.


Regardless of your stance on bear hunting, it remains an important tradition in New Hampshire culture due to its history within local communities . While regulations have helped ensure that populations remain healthy throughout much of northern New England , understanding how these hunts work (and how they might be changed) is necessary if we want our environment preserved well enough for future generations too enjoy this amazing animal – whether alive or deceased – as part of our larger natural heritage here at home!