Regulations for Bear Hunting in Tennessee

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One of the best states to hunt bears in the US is Tennessee. They have some of the most amazing landscapes and an excellent bear population. As with any type of hunting trip you’ll need to make sure you follow all state laws and regulations. This article is designed to help educate hunters on the regulations for bear hunting in Tennessee set by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. Hopefully, this will make their regulations easier to understand to the average hunter.

First and foremost, you’ll need to obtain a hunting license and a bear hunting permit. There are exceptions for landowners and people in other specific situations who won’t need these items; contact the TWRA to see if you might qualify. Generally, it’s better to be safe than sorry and obtain the license and the permit; remember, these help conservation efforts in the great state of Tennessee.

All hunters have a one bear per calendar year limit for both statewide and WMA hunts. The bear can be male or female and must weight over 75 pounds. You’re not allowed to harvest cubs (bears under 75 pounds) or a female bear with her cubs. This is while it’s a good idea to wait a few moments before shooting a bear to see if cubs may follow her shortly after. You must also leave proof of sex visible on the carcass until its official checked in. You can check a bear in whole or fields dressed, but remember it must weigh over 75 pounds!

You may not hunt bears or another other type of game on private property. You may hunt on private property if you have the property owner’s permission. You must wait at least 10 days after an area that has been baited to attract wildlife or feed wildlife before hunting in that area; this means 10 days “after” the bait has been removed. You aren’t allowed to hunt in public areas or road ways. You may not shoot, chase or follow an animal across public areas or road ways.

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