Tactics and Advice for Deer Hunting in the Rain

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Though it isn’t a lot of fun, deer hunting in the rain can be productive. With many hunters have very limited time available to hunt, they must hit the woods when they can, regardless of the weather. However, by being prepared and planning ahead, hunters can make even the most miserably rainy day productive.

Watch the Forecast

Deer hunters need to know how much rain is expected to determine a hunting strategy. A light rain will have almost no impact on deer while a driving downpour will send the deer headed for cover from the rain and wind. When heavy rain is expected, the best time to hunt is before and after the rain. In a heavy rain, hunters have a few options to get a buck. Driving deer, still hunting bedding areas, and stand hunting near bedding areas are three ideas that may work. However in most areas, heavy rain only falls for short periods of time, and hunters may be better off simply finding a dry place to watch for deer until the rain lets up.


There are two primary advantages for deer hunting in the rain that hunters should keep in mind. First, rainy days are great for still hunting. The wet ground is much quieter which can allow a hunter to move without being easily heard. Second, many hunters will simply stay home and the hunter willing to brave the weather may have little other competition.

Rain Gear

Hunters must dress for the weather. Getting wet can quickly ruin a deer hunt, and if the temperature falls quickly, it can even be hazardous. Hunters should stock up on rain proof gear before deer season to have it on hand when needed. Guns will need wiped dry and oiled immediately after the hunt as well. A gun placed wet into a gun case will quickly begin to rust.