Techniques and Tips for Rabbit Hunting Without a Dog

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There are few hunting activities that can compare to rabbit hunting. Unlike most hunting, it is not overly important for you to be quiet. Plus rabbit hunting is generally better with a friend or two or more. Hunting for rabbits allows for a lot of time to socialize, talk, and have a good time followed by frantic moments in pursuit of a rabbit. While using a dog or two is the standard way to hunt it is not necessary. As more and more people have moved to urban areas it has become more difficult for them to maintain a hunting dog. While I live in rural West Virginia and do own a beagle, he spends most of his time sleeping on the couch and the only thing he chases is the cat when it gets to close to his chew toys.

Hunting without a dog requires the hunter to do all of his own work. Without the advantage of a heightened sense of smell the dogless hunter must investigate every brush pile that looks like it may contain a rabbit. Getting the rabbit out of a small pile of brush is relatively simple. Just walk into the pile and be ready for a quick shot when the rabbit scoots out. Often they will sit tight until you nearly step on them, so move around on the pile a good bit before moving to the next likely spot. When piles of brush are too large or dense to physically step on or go into try to kick into and shake them as much as possible. Another alternative is to simply throw rocks and sticks into the pile. For the hunter without a dog small areas of brush are the preferred area, places such as fencerows and overgrown right of ways. Large areas of thick brush just offer too many areas of escape for the rabbit and without a dog to continue the chase it is pretty futile hunting.

Here area a few other tips that are useful when rabbit hunting without a dog. Be conscious of which way you approach a likely brush pile. You want to jump the rabbit toward an open area so that you can get an opportunity for a shot. When hunting with others be certain to wear blaze orange so that you can easily keep track of each other regardless of whether you are legally required to wear it.