The Basics of Deer Hunting

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Most states require you to take a safety course before you can receive your deer hunting license. The safety course will cover things such as firearms safety, marksmanship, emergencies, land use responsibilities, and how to prevent accidents from happening. These safety courses are well worth the time and money in which you put into them. Take advantage of this course and learn as much as possible.

Remember, when hunting that it takes time and perseverance to find your prey. Hunting is a sport and any sport takes practice. Knowing and understanding what you are hunting is important to help you find your prey.

Deer are very guarded animals. They have many predators, including humans and are very capable in eluding them. They have very sensitive hearing and the slightest strange sound in the distance will put them on the alert. They also have a very sensitive nose. When hunting, make sure you don’t have any strong smells on you, such as cologne or even a scented deodorant. All it takes is a slight breeze to carry your smell and all deer within the vicinity will vanish. Many deer hunters buy deer urine in which to rub on their clothing to disguise any human smells. Deer also have great eyesight, so make sure you where clothing that will help to blend you into the surroundings.

When choosing your gun to hunt deer, you are better off to go with a rifle that you are comfortable with. Tradition seems to push a lever-action rifle, however, there are many makes and models to choose from. If you do not already own one or know exactly what you want, visit a local gun shop and they will assist you in finding the rifle that will suit you for your purpose.