Texas Bound: Hunting without a License for Certain Animals


Texas is known for its vast hunting grounds that offer a diverse range of animals to hunt. However, most people are unaware that you can hunt some animals in Texas without a license. This blog post will shed light on the types of game you can legally hunt without acquiring a hunting permit.


Squirrels are small game animals that thrive in wooded areas and forests. They’re incredibly fast and agile, making them challenging to catch. Fortunately, squirrel hunting doesn’t require a permit as they’re classified as non-protected animals by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). You can use firearms or archery equipment when hunting squirrels, but it’s best to check with your local authorities regarding the laws concerning discharge of weapons.


Coyotes are one of the most popular predators among hunters due to their elusive nature and intelligence. While they cause problems for livestock farmers in rural areas, coyotes don’t have any protective status in Texas; hence no license is necessary when hunting them. Additionally, there are no seasons or bag limits for coyote hunts which means you can pursue these cunning creatures throughout the year.

Feral Hog

Feral hogs pose significant threats to crops & property damage across Texas each year; therefore controlling their population has become increasingly important over time. Consequently, TPWD allows hunters who don’t possess permits to take down feral hogs at any time using almost all legal methods except poison traps or chemicals.


Hunting serves not only recreational purposes but also helps regulate wildlife populations across different habitats within Texas state lines. Although licenses remain mandatory when pursuing most game species here , some exceptions like squirrels,cayotes,& feral pigs allow individuals free access into this fantastic world! So next time someone asks “what kind of animals can you hunt in Texas without a license?” be sure to mention these three!