The Predators That Hunt Rabbits: Uncovering the Animals that Prey on Bunnies


Rabbits are a common prey in the animal kingdom. Their small size and soft fur make them an easy target for predators of all sizes. But who exactly hunts rabbits? Let’s take a closer look.


Many predators consider rabbits to be a tasty meal. Some of the most common rabbit hunters include coyotes, foxes, wolves, hawks, eagles, and owls. These animals have sharp teeth or talons that can easily kill a rabbit.

Dangerous mammals

Large cats such as mountain lions and bobcats also hunt rabbits. Although they may not seem like typical rabbit hunters due to their size, these felines are skilled at stalking prey quietly and pouncing quickly when the time is right.

Pet dogs and cats

Even our beloved pets can be natural-born rabbit hunters! Dogs with high prey drives such as terriers or greyhounds will often chase after anything that moves quickly including rabbits found in your backyard. Domesticated cats may also display hunting instincts by catching wild rabbits if left outdoors unsupervised.


In conclusion, many animals enjoy feasting on rabbits for dinner. From larger mammals like coyotes and mountain lions to birds of prey like hawks and owls – it seems no animal is too big or small to target this fluffy creature we know so well! While it’s important to recognize how vulnerable these creatures are in nature because of their diminutive size compared with other wildlife species around them – there are still steps humans can take towards protecting them from harm whether you choose fencing off gardens where they might feed or otherwise altering habitats near where they live naturally so that predation risks are minimized over time through human interventions rather than solely relying on predator management efforts which may not always be successful given unpredictable behavior patterns among different species and individual animals alike.