Utah Hunting 101: What Can You Hunt With a Combination License?


Utah is a state that has plenty to offer hunters of all kinds. With its wide range of terrain, abundant wildlife, and varied hunting opportunities, it’s no wonder so many people come to Utah every year for their hunting trips. One of the most popular ways to hunt in Utah is with a combination license. This type of license allows hunters to pursue multiple species during a single season, making it an ideal choice for those who want the most bang for their buck.

Mule Deer

Mule deer are one of the most sought-after game animals in Utah. Their large size and impressive antlers make them a challenging yet rewarding target for any hunter. With a combination license, you can hunt mule deer during the archery, rifle, or muzzleloader seasons depending on which units you draw.


Elk are another big game animal that can be hunted with a combination license in Utah. These majestic creatures can be found throughout much of the state’s mountainous regions and provide an exciting challenge for seasoned hunters. Depending on which unit you draw, you may be able to hunt elk during any number of seasons throughout the year.


Utah is home to both black bears and cinnamon bears – two subspecies that provide unique challenges for hunters looking for something different than your typical big-game experience. Hunting bear requires patience and skill as these animals are notoriously elusive but with good preparation and some luck they make great trophies.


Turkey hunting may not get as much attention as other types of hunting but it’s definitely worth considering if you have a combination license in Utah! Turkeys can be hunted during specific fall or spring hunts depending on where you plan on going; this bird will put your shooting skills to test!

Closing Thoughts

A Utah combination license provides a unique opportunity for hunters to pursue multiple species during a single season. From mule deer and elk to bear and turkey, the range of species available is sure to keep even the most seasoned hunter on their toes. If you’re looking for an adventure in the great outdoors, consider getting a Utah combination license for your next hunting trip!