What You Need to Know About Hunting Turkey: Tools, Tactics, and Tips


Turkey hunting is a popular activity in many parts of the world. It’s an exciting way to spend time outdoors and challenge your hunting skills. But, before you set out on a turkey hunt, it’s important to know what equipment you need.


The most common weapon used for turkey hunting is a shotgun. The best shotguns for turkey hunting are 12 or 20 gauge guns with full chokes and barrels between 24 and 26 inches long. Some hunters prefer using rifles, but these are not as common because they have greater range than necessary.


When it comes to ammunition for turkey hunting, there are two basic types: lead shot and non-toxic alternatives such as steel or tungsten. In general, #4-#6 size shot works well for most turkeys at distances up to about 40 yards.


Once you have your gun sorted out, consider purchasing decoys which help attract turkeys closer to your position during the hunt. There are various types of decoys available including full-body Turkey Decoys (3D), inflatable Turkey Decoy (Flat)and Flagging Turkey Decoy that mimics movement patterns of real birds in their natural habitats

Calls And Scents

To produce realistic sounds like hens calling out from far away or jakes gobbling nearby use turkey calls specially designed for this purpose . Also consider using scents which will make turkeys believe another bird is present near them; often found in aerosol sprays and liquid forms.

In conclusion,turkey hunting requires specific equipment that helps hunters successfully catch Turkeys.The type of gun matters ,the right ammunition counts,a good decoy can be helpful along with calls & scents.A well stocked toolbox will increase the chances of a successful hunt and make the overall experience more enjoyable.