What Choke is Best for Turkey Hunting? Finding the Perfect Fit


Turkey hunting can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, to ensure your success in the turkey woods, you need to have the right equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your shotgun choke. In this post, we will explore what choke should be used for turkey hunting.

What is a Choke?

A shotgun choke is a constriction at the end of the barrel that regulates how it spreads out pellets when fired. Chokes come in different sizes and shapes, but all are designed to improve accuracy by controlling shot placement.

What Size Choke Should I Use?

When it comes to turkey hunting, you want a tight pattern that delivers maximum impact on target without damaging valuable meat. Most turkey hunters prefer either an extra-full or a super-full choke because they provide tight patterns at medium and long ranges.

Hunting Conditions Can Affect Your Choice

While many hunters use extra-full or super-full chokes for turkey hunting, remember that other factors can influence which one you choose. For example, if you’re hunting in heavy cover or close-range scenarios with thick brush where birds may flush unexpectedly from their roosts early morning after sunrise before flying down from their perches later during mid-morning hours – then consider using Improved Cylinder (IC) sized chokes instead as these provide wider coverage while still delivering adequate stopping power.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right shotgun choke for your next turkey hunt takes careful consideration based on your specific needs and conditions – don’t just rely blindly upon recommendations; try different loads and attend shooting clinics to help hone both skills & knowledge! Remember also that safety always comes first when handling firearms: never shoot directly towards anything than intended targets only!