What Hunting Dogs Eat: The Ultimate Guide to Properly Fueling Your Canine Hunter


Hunting dogs are unique creatures that require a special diet to keep up with their energetic and active lifestyle. Feeding them the right food is crucial for maintaining their health, performance, and overall well-being.

Protein-rich Diet

Proteins should form the foundation of your hunting dog’s diet. A protein-rich meal helps in building strong muscles and providing energy to sustain long hours of physical activity. You can provide proteins through meat-based sources such as chicken, turkey, beef or lamb.

Fruits and Vegetables

Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your hunting dog’s diet provides essential vitamins, minerals, fiber that aid digestion. Some recommended veggies include carrots or peas while apples or bananas make excellent treats for occasional snacking.


Your hunting dog requires carbohydrates for sufficient glycogen stores in its muscles. This ensures they have enough energy to withstand long periods of strenuous exercise like running after prey on hunts! Brown rice or sweet potatoes are great carbohydrate sources.

Moderation is Key

While feeding your hunting dogs healthy foods is necessary; it is also important to practice moderation when it comes to portions sizes-regularly engaging in physical activities means they need more calories than an average sedentary house pet!

The key takeaway when considering what to feed your furry friend lies in balance – proteins alongside fruits/vegetables/carbohydrates will ensure optimal nutrition levels without sacrificing overall health outcomes.

In conclusion:

Feeding your hunting dog nutritious meals ensures they’re physically fit enough to chase after prey during hunts; striking a balance between various nutrient groups (proteins/fruits & vegetables/carbohydrates) guarantees optimal nutrition levels at all times!
With these tips above you’ll be able care properly not only just during off-season, but all year round.