The Fearless Dog: What Breeds Hunt Lions and How to Train Your Own


Anyone who loves dogs would be amazed to know that some dog breeds are used for hunting lions in Africa. It may sound like a joke, but it’s true. These special dogs were bred and trained for the purpose of helping hunters track down their prey.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

One of the most popular dog breeds used for lion hunting is the Rhodesian Ridgeback. This large breed originated in Zimbabwe, where they were originally bred by Europeans to hunt big game like lions and leopards. They have a distinctive “ridge” of hair on their backs that grows in the opposite direction from their coat, which helps protect them from predators.

African Lion Hound

Another breed commonly used for lion hunting is the African Lion Hound (also known as the Abyssinian Sand Terrier). This medium-sized breed has been used by native tribes in Africa for centuries to hunt lions and other big game animals. They are highly intelligent and have an excellent sense of smell, making them ideal for tracking prey over long distances.


The Boerboel is another South African breed that was traditionally used as a farm guard dog but has also been utilized as a lion hunter due to its size and strength. They weigh up to 220 pounds and have powerful jaws designed to take down large prey quickly.


While it may seem surprising that certain dog breeds can hunt lions, these animals play an important role in helping hunters provide food for themselves and their families while also controlling populations of wild animals. The use of these special dogs highlights how humans have worked with nature throughout history to survive and thrive alongside wildlife on our planet.