Angela’s Fate in ‘The Deer Hunter’: Understanding the Movie’s Storyline

The Plot of The Deer Hunter

The 1978 film, The Deer Hunter is a heart-wrenching story about three friends from a small town in Pennsylvania who are drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. Michael, Steven and Nick’s lives change forever after they return home following their capture and torture as prisoners of war. One of the crucial characters in this movie is Angela, Stephen’s girlfriend.

Angela’s Role in the Movie

Angela appears briefly at the beginning of The Deer Hunter, as she prepares for her upcoming wedding with Steven. Her role isn’t significant until later on when she visits him while he recuperates from his injuries sustained during his service overseas. In one pivotal scene towards the end of the movie, Angela has sex with Mike before Nick enters and kills himself while playing Russian roulette.

What Happened to Angela?

After Nick tragically commits suicide right before her eyes, it’s believed that she stayed behind with Steven and Linda while Michael goes back to Saigon to try to find out what happened during their captivity. It was unclear what happens next for Angela because we don’t see or hear anything about her character later on in the movie.

Theories About What Happened Afterward

There are numerous theories surrounding what could have happened to Angela after that fateful night where everything changed forever. Some speculate that she suffered tremendous emotional trauma due to witnessing such an intense event; others suggest that she might have been institutionalized or moved away altogether from all reminders related to those traumatic events.

In conclusion, although there isn’t any definitive answer regarding what happened next for poor Angela; it’s clear that many aspects within The Deer Hunter continue resonating today due its realistic portrayal regarding issues related soldiers returning home damaged by wars fought abroad . Such stories remind us not only how precious life is but also how we should cherish every moment of it by living our lives to the fullest and cherishing those people around us whom we love.