August Hunting Season: The Essential Guide for Preparing and Enjoying the Hunt


As the summer heat begins to wind down and the leaves start to turn, hunting enthusiasts are gearing up for yet another hunting season. But what hunting season is in August? Is there anything worth noting during this month?

Dove Hunting Season

August marks the beginning of dove-hunting season in many states across America. This game bird is highly sought after by hunters due to its small size and delicious meat. Many hunters flock to fields and open areas with shotguns in hand, ready for a day of action-packed shooting.

Crow Hunting Season

For those who prefer larger prey, crow hunting season also starts around late August or early September depending on location. Crows may not be as delicious as doves but they provide ample challenge to any hunter looking for something new.

Bear Hunting Season

In certain states such as Alaska, bear hunting season can begin in mid-August or run throughout most of autumn until October/November. Bear hunts require extreme care and preparation because these animals can fight back if provoked.


August may seem like an off-season period for some hunters but it’s actually a great time to hunt doves, crows, bears (depending on your area). So if you’re an avid hunter don’t let the end-of-summer blues keep you from enjoying all that nature has to offer! Just remember always follow safety protocol when out in nature 🙂