Alabama Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know for the Perfect Hunt


If you’re an avid hunter in Alabama, then keeping up-to-date with the hunting season is crucial. The state boasts of a diverse range of wildlife and hunting opportunities for game enthusiasts. Knowing what hunting season it is in Alabama will help you plan your trips accordingly and avoid any potential legal trouble.

Deer Hunting Season

The most popular game animal to hunt in Alabama is white-tailed deer, which makes its home throughout the state. The deer-hunting season runs from mid-November through early February each year. However, specific dates vary depending on location and weapon used for hunting.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunters have two seasons to target these birds – Spring and Fall turkey hunts. Spring turkey hunts run from late March until May, while fall turkey hunts usually begin around late October or November (varies by zone).

Small Game Hunting Season

In addition to big-game animals like deer and turkeys, there are a variety of small game species hunted during the winter months in Alabama as well. Squirrel season usually starts around October 1st till February 28th annually; rabbit seasons start on November 20th ending on March 5th every year.


Now that you know what types of hunting seasons take place here in Alabama when they occur, it’s time to start planning your next outdoor adventure! Whether you want to go after big bucks or smaller prey like squirrels or rabbits- there’s no shortage of excitement waiting for those who venture out into our state’s vast wilderness areas during this exciting time period where we all can enjoy the great outdoors together!