Colorado Hunting Season: All You Need to Know for a Successful Hunt


If you’re an avid hunter in Colorado, it’s important to know what hunting season it is. With so many different game species and regulations, staying up-to-date on the latest information can be overwhelming. In this post, we’ll explore the current hunting season in Colorado and break down some of the key details.

The Season Dates

In general, hunting season in Colorado typically runs from August through January, with specific dates varying depending on the species being hunted. For big game such as deer or elk, archery season typically begins around August 25th and lasts until September 23rd. Muzzleloader season then starts around September 8th and lasts for about two weeks. Finally, rifle season usually proceeds from October through November.

The Game Species

Colorado offers a diverse range of game species that can be hunted throughout the year including pronghorn antelope, mountain lion, black bear and turkey to name just a few. However when most people think of hunting they are generally thinking about big-game animals like deer or elk which are popular targets amongst hunters in this region due to their abundance within certain areas.

The Licensing Requirements

To hunt legally in Colorado during any given season each hunter must obtain a valid license issued by the state wildlife agency (CPW). Licenses may have different requirements based on age group (adult/youth), application deadline date or eligibility criteria like residency status – please note that even if someone meets all requirements they may not necessarily get a license as there may be limited number available per-hunting unit/area.


Hunting season is an exciting time for those who love outdoor sports but keeping track of all changes concerning regulations can become quite challenging without proper guidance & support systems – especially now with higher demand than ever before! By having knowledge of the season dates, game species, and licensing requirements in Colorado you can make sure to stay in compliance with state regulations. Whatever your preference may be whether it’s hunting for big game or smaller animals just remember to hunt safely and legally!