Georgia Hunting Season Basics: All You Need to Know About the Regulations


Hunting season is a popular outdoor activity in Georgia. It not only helps to control the animal population but also provides an opportunity for hunting enthusiasts to engage in their hobby. However, it can be quite confusing and challenging to keep track of what hunting season it is in Georgia.

Deer Hunting Season

Deer hunting season is one of the most popular hunting seasons in Georgia. The season generally begins around September and ends by January or February depending on the type of deer and location. In some parts of Georgia, hunters are allowed to hunt with firearms while others allow only bow hunting.

Small Game Hunting Season

Small game animals like rabbits, squirrels, quail are typically hunted during small game hunting seasons that run from October through February each year. In addition to small game animals, migratory birds such as doves and waterfowl can also be hunted during this time period.

Turkey Hunting Season

Georgia offers a long turkey-hunting season that starts from March until May every year for both firearm and archery hunters. Hunters must obtain appropriate licenses before going out into the field.


In conclusion, knowing what hunting season it is essential when planning your next outdoors trip in Georgia. Each species has its own set dates for open-seasons so make sure you research before heading out into the wild! Be safety-conscious always when participating within these activities – happy (and safe) hunting!