Maine Hunting Season 101: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go


If you’re an avid hunter, then knowing which hunting season it is in Maine is crucial. Maine offers hunters a wide variety of game to hunt, including deer, bear, moose, and small game such as rabbits and squirrels. However, each species has its own specific hunting season that must be adhered to.

Deer Hunting Season

For many hunters in Maine, the most exciting time of year is deer hunting season. The archery season typically runs from late September to mid-December while rifle season starts at the end of October and goes all the way through November. Hunters need to purchase either an archery license or firearm license depending on which type of weapon they plan on using.

Bear Hunting Season

Maine’s black bear population continues to grow every year making it a great target for hunters looking for a challenge. Bear hunting typically begins around Labor Day weekend and lasts until late November but can vary based on location within the state.

Moose Hunting Season

Moose hunting in Maine requires patience and luck since getting drawn for a permit can be difficult due to high demand. Moose permits are granted through a lottery system with over 60% being awarded to residents. The main moose hunting season runs from late September until early November with some additional opportunities during later months.

Small Game Hunting Season

Hunters who enjoy stalking smaller prey like rabbits or squirrels will find plenty of opportunities throughout the fall months into winter when snow covers forests across much of northern New England making tracking easy – assuming you know what you’re doing!


In conclusion, understanding what current hunting seasons are available in Maine is essential if this activity interests you! Make sure you get your licenses well ahead before any opening dates so that nothing stands between you and your favorite animal target. Good luck out there, hunters!