Tennessee Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Before You Go


Hunting has been a popular activity for many years, and Tennessee is no exception. With its diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes, it’s no wonder that people come from all over to hunt in the Volunteer State. However, before you grab your gear and set out on your next adventure, it’s important to know what hunting season it is.

The Different Hunting Seasons in Tennessee

Tennessee has a variety of hunting seasons throughout the year depending on the type of game you’re after. For example, deer hunting season typically runs from late September through January while turkey hunting season starts in March and goes through May. Small game like squirrels and rabbits have their own designated times as well.

It’s also important to note that different zones within Tennessee may have slightly altered dates or regulations for specific species. Be sure to check with the state regulations before planning any hunts.

Licensing Requirements

Before hitting the woods for any kind of hunt, make sure you have all necessary licenses and permits required by law in order to avoid fines or other legal trouble. Additionally, hunters must complete a Hunter Education Safety Course prior to purchasing any license.

You’ll also need a valid hunting license from TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency) which can be obtained either online or at various retail locations across the state.

Rules & Regulations

The laws surrounding hunting are in place not only for safety reasons but also for conservation efforts aimed at protecting wildlife populations. It’s crucial that hunters follow these rules closely so they don’t endanger themselves or others nor infringe upon animal welfare standards.

Some common rules include wearing bright clothing during certain types of hunts where visibility is key; following bag limits; using approved weapons based on current guidelines; adhering to proper landowner rights protocols when hunting on private property etc!


Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a newbie, it’s important to be well-versed in the current hunting season and regulations before you start. By following state laws and guidelines, we can all enjoy this beloved pastime while simultaneously protecting the wildlife of Tennessee for generations to come.