Utah’s Hunting Season: Current Opportunities for Hunters


Hunting is an exciting outdoor activity that has been around for centuries, and Utah offers a wealth of opportunities. However, before heading out into the wilderness with your gear, it’s important to know what hunting season it is in Utah. This will help you avoid potential legal issues and ensure that you’re going after the right game at the right time.

The Hunting Seasons in Utah

The state of Utah has several hunting seasons throughout the year, each tailored to specific species. The general deer hunt typically begins on the second Saturday in October and ends on the following Wednesday. Elk hunting season starts later in September or early October and lasts for several weeks. Other popular hunts include moose, antelope, bear, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, turkey and waterfowl.

Licensing Requirements

Before embarking on any hunting adventure in Utah, you need to obtain a valid license from the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). A resident can buy a basic annual license for $34; non-residents pay $65 per year or $30 for seven consecutive days of hunting.. Hunters must also purchase additional permits depending on their desired prey type such as deer or elk.

Rules & Regulations To Follow While Hunting In Utah

As with any sport or activity involving wildlife management agencies establish rules hunters must follow while they are out there pursuing their game which includes restrictions on bag limits tags required etc., It’s essential to familiarize yourself with these regulations beforehand so that you don’t run afoul of them during your hunt. For example: rifle season is not permitted during archery-only areas; some animals may only be hunted during certain times ; Certain weapons are prohibited when targeting particular species like bows only allowed while bow-hunting


Utah undoubtedly ranks among America’s favorite spots for outdoor activities such as hunting. With its unique terrain, various prey types and dedicated wildlife management programs, hunting in Utah is an experience unlike any other. Before you go out there be sure to obtain the appropriate licenses, permits and read through the rules and regulations that are enforced during hunting season to ensure a successful adventure!