Vermont Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Trip


As a hunting enthusiast, it’s important to know the hunting season in Vermont. Hunting seasons are regulated by the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to ensure that there is no over-harvesting of wildlife. In this blog post, we’ll explore what hunting season it is in VT.

Big Game Season

The big game season in Vermont typically starts in late October and extends through mid-December. During this time, hunters can hunt for deer, black bear, and moose. It’s essential to have proper licenses and tags before venturing out into the woods during this time.

Small Game Season

In addition to big game hunting, Vermont has an extended small game season as well. This includes pheasant, grouse, rabbits, squirrels among others with different dates according to species decided by regulation authority.

Bow Hunting Season

If you’re someone who prefers bow hunting over firearms then Bow Hunting season (Archery) may interest you that begins from early October till November’s last week where hunters can participate with archery equipment such as bows or crossbows while also adhering regulations set forth by authorities.

Coyote Hunting Season

Coyote Hunting is popular among experienced hunters year-round except during closed seasons for certain coyotes management purposes which begins on 1st Dec and ends usually April 15th where one must comply with regulations related including bag limit if any.

In Conclusion,

Vermont provides ample opportunities for hunters throughout the year from small games like rabbits & squirrels to bigger animals like deers & bears following strict rules regarding period limits or territories as they regulate wildlife populations sustainably for generations yet to come while ensuring public safety remains uncompromised at all times so make sure you follow VT’s guidelines before venturing out.