Oregon Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Now


As an outdoor enthusiast, keeping track of hunting seasons is crucial for planning your next adventure. If you’re in Oregon and wondering what hunting season it is now, this guide will help you stay up-to-date.

Deer Hunting Season

Oregon’s general deer hunting season typically runs from late September to early November. However, there are variations based on the specific area you plan to hunt in. In addition to a general license, hunters must purchase tags for their specific game species and follow all regulations set forth by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Elk Hunting Season

Like deer season, elk season varies depending on where you plan to hunt. The general rifle elk season usually starts near the end of October or early November and lasts through mid-November. Archery seasons for elk begin as early as August 30th in some areas of Oregon.

Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting can be done during several different seasons throughout the year in Oregon; however, fall bear hunting is one of the most popular times among hunters. This typically occurs from late August until late November but may vary depending on location and weapon type used.

Migratory Bird Hunting Season

Migratory bird hunting includes waterfowl such as ducks and geese that migrate through Oregon each year. This season generally begins around October 10th for ducks while goose-hunting normally starts earlier in September.


In conclusion, knowing what hunting seasons are currently open in Oregon will give you a head start when planning your next trip into nature’s beauty without any legal consequences! Be sure to check with local wildlife agencies before heading out – they can provide more detailed information about restrictions related specifically to your desired game animal or region.