Open Season: Current Hunting Opportunities


Hunting is a popular activity among nature enthusiasts and adventurers. With the arrival of various hunting seasons, hunters are gearing up for some exciting expeditions. If you’re curious about what hunting seasons are currently open, read on!

Deer Hunting Season

The deer hunting season varies by state, but it typically runs from October to January or February. During this time period, hunters can hunt for white-tailed or mule deer in designated areas with a valid license and permit.

Duck Hunting Season

Duck hunting season usually starts in October and continues until late January or early February. It’s an excellent opportunity for waterfowl enthusiasts to get out into the wetlands and marshes to bag their limit of ducks.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting season occurs during the springtime (April-May) and fall (October-December). Hunters can take advantage of these two opportunities to stalk turkeys in their natural habitats using calls that mimic turkey sounds.

Pheasant Hunting Season

Pheasant hunting season begins in October through December. This amazing bird requires skillful shooting techniques as they are quick fliers and prefer dense cover like grassy fields.

Coyote Hunting Season

Coyote hunting is not limited by any specific months since coyotes can be hunted year-round in most states without restrictions except Sundays so make sure you check them before hitting the fields or woods with your rifle!


In conclusion, there are quite a few different types of game animals available for hunters depending on which state they reside in – always check local regulations first! Make sure you have all necessary licensing requirements met beforehand so that once each respective season arrives; one can head out into nature well-prepared with appropriate gear/tools and knowledge of the area they will be hunting. Regardless if you are an experienced hunter or just starting to get into this exciting hobby, make sure that safety always comes first!