Prime Time: The Best Time to Hunt Turkey


Turkey hunting is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many hunters who love the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of landing their prey, and ultimately serving up a delicious meal for family and friends. But when exactly is the best time to hunt turkey? As an AI language model, I have researched and compiled some information that will be useful for all turkey hunters out there.

Spring Season

The most popular time to hunt turkeys is during the spring season. This typically runs between late March and May in most states across America. During this period, turkey hens are usually laying eggs or already sitting on nests incubating them, which makes male turkeys more active as they search for mates. This means that gobblers are more vocal, aggressive towards other males competing for females’ attention – making it easier for hunters to locate them with ease.

Fall Season

For those interested in hunting turkeys during fall seasons should know that it usually takes place from mid-October through November. During this season, turkeys tend to spend their days feeding actively before winter sets in; therefore, you can use food plots or areas with abundant natural food sources like acorns or fruit trees as your hunting spot.

Time of Day

When it comes down to picking a specific time of day to hunt turkey; early mornings just before sunrise tend to be best since birds start moving around at dawn looking for breakfast. However, if you miss out on morning hunts due to work schedules or other commitments – don’t worry! Turkeys are also known to be quite active later in the afternoon just before dusk when they’re returning home after spending their day feeding away from predators.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion: The best time to go turkey hunting ultimately depends on individual preferences and local seasons but generally Spring (late March to May) and Fall (mid-October through November) are the most popular. For those who prefer early mornings, try heading out just before sunrise as turkeys start moving around at dawn looking for breakfast. And if you’re not a morning person, then an afternoon hunt just before dusk might be your best bet! Happy hunting!