Tennessee Hunting License: What You Need to Know to Hunt Turkey


Hunting turkey is a popular outdoor activity in Tennessee. Before you set out for your hunting trip, it’s important to know what license you need to have in order to legally hunt turkeys in the state.

Tennessee Hunting License

First and foremost, anyone planning on hunting turkey in Tennessee must have a valid hunting license issued by the state of Tennessee. This license can be obtained through local retailers or online. A valid Tennessee driver’s license or social security number is required to purchase a resident license. Non-residents may also apply for a temporary permit that allows them to hunt turkey within the borders of Tennessee.

Turkey Specific Licenses and Permits

In addition to having a general hunting license, hunters who plan on pursuing wild turkeys during their trip will need an additional permit called the “Turkey Permit”. This permit includes one bearded bird and costs $28 for residents and non-residents alike. The limit per season depends on which zone you are hunting in; Zone 1 permits allow 4 birds per season while Zone 3 permits only allow one.

Youth Turkey Hunt

If you’re under the age of 16, then no special licenses are needed for youth hunts as long as they are accompanied by an adult with proper licensing. However, there is also an annual Youth Turkey Hunt Weekend before the regular spring season begins where children between ages six and sixteen may participate without purchasing additional permits.


Before embarking on your turkey-hunting adventure make sure that all necessary requirements are met so it remains legal throughout your entire journey! Don´t forget about safety rules too: carry bear spray or firearms if possible depending on which area you will explore next time!