Tennessee Hunting License: What You Need to Know Before Hunting Turkey


Hunting is a popular pastime in Tennessee, and turkey hunting is one of the most exciting and challenging activities. However, before you grab your gun or bow and head out to hunt turkeys in Tennessee, it’s essential to know what license you need.

Tennessee Hunting License

To legally hunt turkeys in Tennessee, you must have a valid hunting license issued by the state. There are several types of licenses available based on age, residency status, type of game being hunted, length of validity, and more. You can purchase a hunting license online through the official website of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) or at various vendors across the state.

Turkey Hunting License

In addition to a general hunting license for Tennessee residents or non-residents who plan on hunting turkeys during turkey season must also purchase an additional special wildlife management area permit that allows them to hunt turkeys on specific areas throughout Tennessee. The TWRA offers several options for turkey permits based on factors such as location and timing.

Youth Licenses for Turkey Hunts

If you’re planning to take your child along with you when going Turkey Hunting in TN; then there are youth-specific licenses available as well which provides access from ages 6-15 years old for both residents & nonresidents focusing solely on three consecutive weekends starting mid-April lasting through early May yearly. These weekend hunts provide an incredible opportunity for youth hunters interested in experiencing their first outdoor adventure safely with experienced adult supervision.

In Conclusion

By now, we hope that this blog post has provided helpful information regarding which Licenses are required when Turkey Hunting in TN – whether it’s just yourself heading out into nature alone or including loved ones too! Remember that obtaining all necessary permissions means not only staying within the confines of law but doing your part in protecting and preserving the environment for generations to come. Happy Hunting!