Ohio Deer Hunting: What Rifles Are Legal and How to Choose the Right One


When it comes to deer hunting in Ohio, many hunters want to know what rifles are legal. The state of Ohio has specific laws and regulations when it comes to hunting rifles. In this blog post, we will discuss what rifles are legal for deer hunting in Ohio.

Rifles with Straight-Walled Cartridges

In 2014, the state of Ohio changed its gun laws for deer hunting. This change allowed hunters to use specific rifles with straight-walled cartridges during the deer gun season. These rifles must have a calibre between .357 inches and .50 inches and have a minimum case length of 1.16 inches. These rules apply only to private land, not public areas or wildlife preserves.


Ohio also allows hunters to use shotguns for deer hunting during certain seasons. Hunters can use shotguns that hold three rounds or less, as well as muzzleloading shotguns that use slugs only.


Muzzleloaders are also legal for deer hunting in the state of Ohio; however, they must be loaded from the front end using black powder or a black powder substitute and can only be fired once before being reloaded.


Overall, there is quite a bit of variety when it comes to choosing your rifle for deer hunting in Ohio! Remember that knowing these regulations is important because breaking them could lead you into trouble with law enforcement authorities if caught while carrying illegal weapons on your hunt trip without proper licensing paperwork beforehand – so ensure everything’s squared away ahead time by checking out local firearm usage restrictions first before embarking on any future hunts here within our great Buckeye State!