Hunting Season: What You Need to Know About the Current Season


Hunting is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by many people across the world. It involves pursuing and killing wild animals for food, sport, or pest control. However, different hunting seasons exist depending on the species of animal being hunted and geographical location.

Fall Hunting Season

Fall hunting season typically starts in late summer or early autumn when some bird species begin to migrate southward. In North America, it also includes big game hunting such as deer and elk from September through November. Hunters usually have to obtain a license before participating in the hunt, which can be purchased at local wildlife offices.

Winter Hunting Season

Winter hunting season usually starts in December after fall hunting season ends. It mainly consists of small game such as rabbits and squirrels that are easier to spot against a snowy backdrop. Winter is also an ideal time for predator hunts like coyote and wolf because their fur provides insulation against cold temperatures.

Spring Hunting Season

Spring hunting season typically begins around March when birds start breeding again after winter migration periods end. Turkey hunts are especially popular during this season due to male turkeys’ mating habits that make them more visible than usual.

Summer Hunting Season

Summer is usually considered off-season for most hunters since many animals are raising their young ones during this period and require protection from predators. However, some states allow bow fishing (using archery equipment instead of traditional fishing gear) during summer months for fish like carp or catfish.


In conclusion, knowing what seasonal changes affect animal behavior patterns can help hunters choose the best times to hunt specific species legally while avoiding legal consequences otherwise incurred by not following regulations set forth by governmental agencies overseeing these activities among others concerned with conservation efforts related thereto within specified regions around the globe today!