Turkey Hunting Basics: What Size Shell is Best for Your Hunt?


Turkey hunting can be an exciting and challenging activity for any hunter. However, choosing the right size shell for your turkey hunt is crucial to ensure a successful hunt. In this blog post, we will discuss what size shell you should use when turkey hunting.

What are shotgun shells?

Shotgun shells are cartridges that contain pellets or shots used in shotguns for shooting birds and other small game. They come in different sizes and gauges, each with its own specific purpose.

Choosing the right size shell for turkey hunting

When it comes to turkey hunting, using the right size of shotgun shell can make all the difference in ensuring a clean kill on your target bird. Generally speaking, 12-gauge ammunition is the most popular choice among hunters as it offers enough power and range to take down large turkeys effectively.

However, within 12-gauge ammunition itself there are various sizes of shotgun shells available such as #4 shot or #6 shot which are commonly used by hunters when they go after big game like turkeys. The smaller sized BBs work well too but not so much if you’re trying to get those long-range shots since these rounds don’t have good knockdown properties at longer distances.

Ultimately, choosing between these different options depends upon your preferences that align with where you plan on doing your hunt; deciding whether close-range accuracy over long-distance precision matters more is pivotal here too!


In conclusion, selecting the proper sized shotgun shell plays an important role in having a successful turkey hunt experience. Whether using larger-sized pellets or going for smaller ones depends primarily on personal preference – however knowing which one would suit best depending upon factors like terrain conditions along with distance from target birds might prove helpful during decision making process regarding ammo selection! Make sure to do thorough research before heading out into nature so that you can have a great time enjoying the hunt without any mishaps.