What Size Shot Is Best for Duck Hunting? Answers From the Pros


Duck season is upon us, and it’s time for hunters to gear up for the action. One of the most important decisions a duck hunter has to make is what size shot to use. The type of shot you choose can impact your success in hunting ducks significantly.

The Different Shot Sizes Available

Shotgun shells come in different sizes, and each size serves a specific purpose. For duck hunting, there are several popular sizes available that hunters typically use. These include sizes 4 through 6, which vary in pellet count and individual pellet weight. Generally speaking, smaller pellets with higher counts are better at taking down birds because they provide more hits on target.

Factors That Affect Your Decision

Choosing the right sized shot depends on several factors such as weather conditions, distance from the bird during shooting, shotgun choke selection, personal preference etc. If you’re shooting at longer distances or larger birds like geese or swans then using larger pellets will be beneficial; if you prefer close range shots where accuracy matters more than power then choosing smaller pellets would work best.

What Experienced Hunters Suggest?

Experienced hunters suggest that when selecting a shot size for duck hunting consider factors such as wind direction & speed along with flight pattern of ducks (how fast/far they fly). They also recommend testing different types of ammunition before making final decisions about what works best under certain conditions- remember not all loads perform equally well in every situation so experimentation is key here!


Choosing the right sized shot is an essential part of successful duck hunting trips- so take time to do some research before heading out into fields or marshes this season! Remember factors like weather condition, distance from target while shooting ,personal preference among others should guide your decision-making process when picking shotsizes so that you can enjoy greater accuracy and success in your hunting endeavours.