Shot Size Matters: What Size is Best for Turkey Hunting?


Turkey hunting requires precision, skill and the right tools. One of the most important factors when it comes to turkey hunting is choosing the right shot size. The wrong choice could mean a missed opportunity, or worse, injuring your prey.

Why Shot Size Matters

The shot size you choose for your turkey hunt affects your shooting range and accuracy. A larger shot will result in more damage to the bird but will also have a shorter range. On the other hand, a smaller shot has a longer range but may not be as effective at taking down your target.

Common Shotgun Loads for Turkey Hunting

The two most common shotgun loads used in turkey hunting are 4s and 6s. These sizes offer enough energy to take down birds from about 20 yards away. However, if you plan on taking shots beyond that range or need more power due to windy conditions or thicker feathers on an older bird, consider using larger sized shots such as BBs or even #4 buckshot.

Selecting Your Shotgun Load Based on Hunting Conditions

When selecting an appropriate shotgun load for turkey hunting always consider different variables like weather conditions, terrain type and distance between hunter and target before making any final choices on what kind of ammunition would be best suited towards achieving success during this activity!

In Conclusion

Choosing the perfect shot size is essential in achieving success while out on a turkey hunt; however there are many factors to consider such as weather patterns which can influence bullet trajectory along with overall distance from target being hunted so make sure that before heading out into nature no stone goes unturned so that ultimately you can achieve optimal results from this exciting activity!