Bear Hunting Regulations: Which States Allow Black Bear Hunting?


Black bear hunting is a popular activity for many hunters across the United States. However, not all states allow it. In this blog post, we will explore which states permit black bear hunting and what you need to know before heading out on your next hunt.

States that Allow Black Bear Hunting

There are currently 27 states in the United States that allow black bear hunting. These include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota Montana Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina Oregon Pennsylvania South Dakota Tennessee Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

Each state has its own set of regulations when it comes to black bear hunting. It’s important to check with local authorities and research each state’s laws and requirements before planning your trip.

Licensing Requirements

In most cases, obtaining a license is required for black bear hunting. The cost of licenses varies from state to state and can range from as little as $25 up to several hundred dollars depending on where you plan on hunting.

Many states also require hunters to complete safety courses or obtain certifications before getting their license. Make sure you are aware of these requirements ahead of time so that you have everything in order when applying for your license.

Seasonal Restrictions

Seasonal restrictions vary by state as well but typically fall between September and November. Some states may have limited entry permits or special tags available only during specific times or locations within the designated season.

It’s crucial to do your research ahead of time so that you don’t accidentally violate any rules or regulations while out on your hunt.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re interested in pursuing a black bear hunt this season but aren’t familiar with the regulations governing them in different US States – be sure first consult with local authorities who can provide guidance based on your specific location. Remember, it’s important to be aware of each state’s laws and requirements before planning your trip so that you can have a safe, successful black bear hunting experience.