Felons Bow Hunting: What States Allow It and How to Prepare


Felons who are passionate about hunting may wonder if they have a chance of bow hunting. As with many things, the answer to this question is not straightforward. Different states have different laws regarding felons’ ability to hunt, let alone bowhunt.

Restrictions on Felon Bow Hunting

Felony convictions come with restrictions and limitations on some civil rights in most states in America. While some states do allow felons to engage in hunting activities after their sentence has been served, others restrict their ability to possess weapons or even obtain a license. In these cases, felon bow hunters would need special permits that require them to prove that their felony conviction does not imply any inherent danger when handling firearms or other weapons.

State-by-State Analysis

It’s essential for every felon who wants to engage in bow hunting activity first to understand the state laws and restrictions governing this activity. For example, Florida law prohibits anyone convicted of certain crimes from obtaining a license until at least five years after completing probation or parole supervision successfully. In contrast, Texas has no restrictions on felons with legal ownership of firearms unless explicitly stated by the court order.

Other states like Idaho and Kentucky impose lifelong bans on all types of firearm possession for felons convicted of specific offenses such as murder or rape regardless of whether they are legally entitled citizens.


In conclusion, while many people think that being a felon might automatically disqualify them from engaging in any outdoor activities like bow hunting forever; it is vital only first always check each state’s mandates and regulations before giving up hope entirely.
At the same time though fair warning must go out here: because we should note again that some court orders may deprive an individual from ever owning bows or guns regardless of whether they’ve completed rehabilitation programs affirmatively – so follow your instincts but double-check everything first!