States where Black Bear Hunting is Permitted: Exploring the Opportunities


Black bears are one of the most sought-after big game animals in North America. These majestic creatures can be hunted legally in several states across the country. If you’re planning a black bear hunting trip, it’s important to know which states allow for this activity. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the states where you can hunt black bears.


Located in the northernmost part of the United States, Alaska is home to a large population of black bears. The state allows both resident and non-resident hunters to pursue these animals during designated seasons. There are strict regulations governing hunting practices in Alaska, so make sure you do your research before embarking on a bear hunting trip here.


Maine is another excellent state for black bear hunting enthusiasts. With over 30,000 black bears living within its borders, Maine offers plenty of opportunities for hunters to bag their quarry. Black bear season typically runs from late August through early November each year.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire also allows for black bear hunting during specific seasons throughout the year. The state has an estimated population of around 5,800 black bears and requires hunters to obtain permits prior to going on hunts.


Montana is known for its vast wilderness areas and abundant wildlife populations – including black bears! The state offers both archery and rifle hunts during various times throughout the year depending on location and type of weapon used.


If you’re looking to plan a successful black bear hunting trip, consider traveling to one of these states as they offer some great options for pursuing these magnificent animals legally and responsibly with proper licensing or permits obtained beforehand! Don’t forget that safety should always come first when out there tracking down your prey – so be sure to follow all hunting guidelines and regulations in place.