Sunday Hunting in PA: What You Need to Know Before You Go Deer Hunting


Pennsylvania is a great state for deer hunters. The Keystone State boasts ample hunting opportunities, thanks to its abundant wildlife and diverse landscapes. Hunting on Sundays is generally not allowed in Pennsylvania, but there are certain exceptions that hunters should be aware of.

Hunting Regulations in Pennsylvania:

Hunters need to follow strict regulations when it comes to hunting in Pennsylvania. The state’s Game Commission regulates all hunting activities and sets policies aimed at preserving the state’s wildlife resources while maintaining safety for both wildlife and humans. Hunters must obtain permits before they can hunt legally and adhere to specific seasons, bag limits, and other rules.

Sunday Deer Hunting Exceptions:

Until recently, Sunday deer hunting was prohibited entirely throughout the state of Pennsylvania; however, a new law has made some exceptions allowing Sunday hunts during specific periods. In 2019 the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 147., which allows three Sundays with firearms each year: one within archery season (the second Sunday), one within muzzleloader season (the third Sunday), and one selected by the Game Commission.

Tips for Successful Deer Hunting in PA:

Hunting deer in Pennsylvania requires proper planning as well as knowledge about the animal species you’re targeting. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with your chosen weapon or equipment beforehand so that you can use them safely and efficiently when out on a hunt. Additionally, scouting locations ahead of time will maximize your chances of spotting game animals like white-tailed deer.


Deer hunting is undoubtedly an exciting activity for those who love nature or want high-quality meat from their backyard! Understanding regulations regarding specifically designed dates for Sunday hunts is vital if you plan on visiting any part of Pennsylvania this fall/winter season! And lastly: Plan accordingly beforehand through research or asking local experts about what may work best when hunting white-tailed deer. Happy hunting and stay safe out there!