Discover the Best Time to Turkey Hunt: Tips and Strategies for Success

Morning and Evening Hours

The best time to turkey hunt is during the morning and evening hours. The sun is low in the sky at these times, providing a natural camouflage for the hunter. Turkeys are most active during these times as well, making them more likely to be spotted by an alert hunter. In addition, calling turkeys during either of these periods will increase your chances of success, as they are naturally more vocal then.

Weather Conditions

In addition to favorable light levels, turkey hunters should also consider weather conditions when planning their hunt. Mild temperatures usually make turkeys more active and therefore easier to call or spot in the field. Windy days can also help spread your scent away from any turkeys you may encounter while hunting. It’s important to note that rain is generally not ideal for turkey hunting, as it can reduce visibility and mute sound – two things essential for successful hunts!

Location Matters Too

Finally, where you choose to go on your turkey hunt matters just as much as when you decide to go out there! Turkey populations tend to concentrate near food sources such as open fields full of wild grasses or agricultural crops like cornfields or alfalfa fields which provide plenty of insects for them to munch on throughout the day – so keep an eye out for those types of locations if possible!