Essential Gear for Duck Hunting: What to Bring For a Successful Trip

The Basics

When going duck hunting, it is important to bring a few basic items with you. These include your hunting license, shotgun shells, and of course, your shotgun. Don’t forget your warmest clothing for those early morning hunts as well. It can get quite cold when out on the water waiting for ducks to fly by.


One of the key components of successful duck hunting is decoys. There are many different types and styles available on the market today so it’s important to do some research before purchasing. Consider what species of ducks you’ll be targeting and what type of environment you’ll be in when selecting your decoys.


Another essential item for any duck hunter is calls – these mimic the sounds that ducks make while out on the water. When used correctly, they can help attract more birds towards your decoy spread which increases your chances of success during each hunt.

Ammo Belt/Bag

It’s always a good idea to have extra ammunition with you when going duck hunting – especially if it’s been awhile since last sighting any birds or if there are multiple hunters in one location trying to take down targets at once. Keep extra rounds handy in an ammo belt or bag so that reloading becomes quick and seamless.

Boots & Waders

Last but certainly not least – boots or waders are an absolute must-have! You will most likely be entering shallow waters frequently throughout a day’s hunt which means having something durable yet comfortable enough to wear all day long is crucial! Make sure whatever option you choose has good traction too because slips & falls aren’t ideal while carrying around loaded weapons!

In conclusion, being prepared with quality gear prior to heading out onto various bodies of water where ducks reside significantly increases anyone’s chance at landing their next trophy. It’s easy to forget something important while packing so double-check that all the necessary items are accounted for before leaving home. By keeping these five main areas in mind, any duck hunter can optimize their experience and maximize success during hunting season!