Hunting Ducks: What to Do With Your Catch After the Hunt


Duck hunting is a popular outdoor activity for many people. However, after the hunt, hunters are often left wondering what to do with their ducks. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available that allow you to make use of your harvested birds.


One option for your harvested ducks is cooking them up into delicious meals. There are countless recipes available online that can help you turn these birds into mouth-watering dishes. Whether you prefer roasted duck breast or a hearty duck stew, the possibilities are endless when it comes to cooking these game birds.


Another option for your harvested ducks is donating them to those in need. Many organizations accept donations of wild game and distribute it to food banks and other charitable causes. This allows you to put your harvest towards a good cause while also reducing waste.


If you want a more artistic way to preserve your harvested ducks, taxidermy may be the answer. Taxidermists can help transform your bird into beautiful mounts or displays that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Feeding Wildlife

Finally, another option for dealing with harvested ducks is using them as feed for other wildlife. Ducks may not be suitable for human consumption due to factors such as age or condition at the time they were hunted but still have nutritional value which makes them great feed choices like coyotes and foxes who will appreciate an easy meal during lean times.


In conclusion, whether through cooking, donation, taxidermy or feeding wildlife – harvesting ducks does not have leave one unsure on what next plan would be beyond hunting itself – there are numerous ways in which these game birds can continue being useful well beyond just helping fill our freezers during hunting season!