Uncovering the Truth About Angela in The Deer Hunter: What Was Wrong?

The Plotline of The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter is a movie that tells the story of three friends from Pennsylvania who are serving in Vietnam. Michael, Steven, and Nick spend their last days before heading out to war hunting deer in the mountains. However, when they return home after being captured by North Vietnamese soldiers and forced to play Russian roulette for entertainment, things change drastically. One of the most significant changes comes with Angela, Steven’s girlfriend.

Angela’s Characterization

Angela serves as a symbol of how war affects those on the home front as much as it does those fighting abroad. At first glance, Angela appears happy and well-adjusted upon seeing her boyfriend returning from battle unscathed but slowly begins displaying erratic behavior over time due to some underlying trauma that remains unspoken throughout the film.

Angela’s Mysterious Illness

Although not explicitly stated, Angela shows signs of depression or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). She becomes withdrawn from those around her and spends long hours alone in her room or engaging in risky behavior like running into traffic without any apparent motive or purpose.

The Social Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Issues During The 70s

It is essential to remember that this film was released during a time where mental health issues were not widely discussed nor accepted openly within society- especially among men who had fought in wars- so there was little help available for women like Angela at this point unless she sought it herself which she did not do until closer towards the end of the film.

In conclusion, while we can never know precisely what was going on inside Angela’s mind during The Deer Hunter fully; we can safely say that whatever it was left an indelible mark on her psyche and forever changed her life trajectory. Ultimately though one may argue that making viewers question what happened to Angela was the filmmakers’ intention all along, as it highlights the importance of mental health issues and how they can impact those around us- even if we don’t realize it.