Hunting Hogs in Georgia: When Can You Begin?


Georgia is a state known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes and an abundance of wildlife. One such animal that can be found in plenty in Georgia is the wild hog. Hunting hogs has become increasingly popular among hunting enthusiasts and those looking to control the population of these animals. However, there are specific rules and regulations set by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) regarding when one can hunt hogs in Georgia.

Hunting Seasons

The hunting season for wild hogs varies based on location within Georgia. In most parts of Georgia, hog hunting season runs year-round on private lands. However, if you want to hunt during certain times or on public land, it’s important to check with DNR as they may have different requirements depending on where you are located.

Licenses Needed

To legally hunt wild hogs in Georgia, hunters must obtain proper licenses from the DNR including a valid hunting license along with other permits such as a big game license or WMA permit if applicable. These permits are typically available online through the DNR’s website or at any licensed retailer throughout the state.

Methods Allowed For Hunting Hogs

Hunters also need to understand which methods are allowed for harvesting wild hogs in Georgia before embarking on their hunts. In general, hunters can use firearms during daylight hours only while hunting from stands or other stationary positions; however night-hunting using thermal scopes is also legal but requires special permission from local authorities beforehand.


As more people begin exploring outdoor recreational activities like hiking and camping across rural areas of America – understanding how best to follow guidelines around wildlife management becomes essential especially when it comes to hog-hunting practices within states like Georgia that require keen attention being paid towards time windows open 365 days per year! With some research online or by speaking with local outfitters, anyone can enjoy this exciting and rewarding hobby while still respecting the laws put in place to protect Georgia’s wildlife population.